Women are viewed like art

No matter what period in history, men always want to admire, enjoy and appreciate beauty.

A beautiful woman is wanted by men like a man admires a beautiful painting. Men see a stunning woman and they want her to be theirs. They want the finer aspects of life to suit their life vision they have of themselves, like their cars, home, clothes and toys. I think women being their partners, come under this same concept. I know it sounds derogatory to women, but I think it is an instinctive desire within a male psychology that even though men can treat their partners superbly and love them dearly there is a fundamental feeling of wanting the look of a woman to reflect their image of a lifestyle. I don’t think over centuries this really changes.

Look at famous actresses, and people on social media maintaining a certain image . Our commercial culture endorses this. I have modelled from when I was a young teenager and have always been surrounded by beautiful women in my career. I love to admire women. I was a casting director for years and had the pleasure of casting concepts of beauty into characters for films and TV Ads. Being a women myself, then perhaps it’s more as the human race that we love to see beauty and admire nature at it’s best.

A man has a beautiful partner because it makes him feel that he’s worthy of having such a stunning woman by his side. The important thing is that she must ensure he treats her with the values that makes her feel appreciated for her to choose to stay.

Then this is not about beauty, it’s finding a great partner with similar values and women being with someone because of love, kindness and respect. Which goes both ways.

I feel awful at the thought of a woman believing she’s in a relationship because her man sees her as an object like art. That he’d like to keep her because of an image he wants to project to society.

I’m so thrilled that I am loved for who I am. Not in a world of dating, where I’d have to keep this in mind and encounter a variety of men along the way. It makes me squirm at the thought. Thank goodness I’ve found a good man with the right values!

However men will always admire beauty, don’t we all?



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