Ruby Jane is a writer and producer that would like to share her thoughts and opinions with those on a wider field than where she is known. Running her own business, being married, a mother to her children, and managing all that women do. She shares with you her roles in life of being a great woman. Enjoy her honesty wisdom, experience and follow her thoughts as she gives insight into being a woman in today’s world.

Ruby Jane grew up in a large family, in a big old house climbing trees and how she looked was never a value of who she was. During her teenage years she started modelling which she balanced with school life. It enabled her to travel Internationally to Australia and Europe, living in model houses to then heading off back packing on her own. Returning home she realized the joy of working behind the camera was as fulfilling as travel.

Setting up life and working in TV production progressing into film established her career into the future. During her 20’s she married, traveled the world more, began her family and continually developed her career path. Setting up her own production company, running a home, loving family life and partying with friends is what Ruby Jane’s life is about.

She is sharing her knowledge continually learning as she goes, being all things to everyone.



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