Make your years memorable

I always felt you should just say how old you are. If you have done something significant for every year, then you should feel proud of your time and accomplishments.

Now that my age is progressing and I can see my face is looking a little older, I don’t feel the need to lie. Perhaps just not the need to promote my years. But then bloody hell, have I missed my idealism of each year being full of great moments and slowed down on ticking off amazing achievements?

Then I think about my life. Family, business, travel, daily accomplishments, parenting, money, love, sex, passion and me. In business I have learnt more skills and challenged myself to develop my passions. My children are the best measure of time and they are blossoming in their lives, with still needing and wanting me to be there. Each day is full with busy lists to tick off, managing how and what I want and what is important. My man and I have so much passion and fun. Luckily when we miss a few days we are both on the same page and we need to reconnect. And me… always last on the list, I have chosen, so far, not to fiddle with any anti-ageing cosmetic options. I’d prefer to be fitter, that when I climb a mountain it wouldn’t be so exhausting, I’m still looking good, but I need to consider my vision of the future, keep reaching those goals and walking that path. Life is good and in the direction I have steered it so far….

But it’s not slowing down and we need to remind ourself to keep making memories each year.

“How old do you think you feel in yourself?” Thirty Seven?, Twenty Four? Forty One? Is it the age you actually are? We are lucky to grow old, it’s a privilege that not all have.

Smile and go for it!

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