the importance of her

The girlfriend that knows you, no explanation, laughs and gets you.

Do you have a BFF? It’s really important to have her in life, and it’s a huge gap in relationships not to have this person. Not sure she exists? In all my endeavours of being myself, embracing life and living life to the full. I have my girlfriends that I care deeply for, and will give my heart n all to. To have someone who just thinks you’re the bee’s knees, that you can be yourself with, say whatever you want without judgement. We all need that in our lives. Now more than ever. As I write this, one woman is shouting her name at me, in my mind.

She’s saying loudly, “We’ve never argued, I have always been there, you underestimate yourself, I have never let you down and every time when things got bad I consistently stood by you, If you didn’t notice, I stood silently so you could fight for your life, knowing you had my support”

When things are challenging in life, you might feel you are on your own, not noticed, or not thought of by anyone else. Chances are someone else has your back and you’ll still get through this with or without them. Even when things are great and you feel you might feel you don’t have someone beside you.

In the morning, while I make a coffee and dance a little, listen to good music and raise my arms to the movement of dance, smiling at myself for being funny, I remind myself we have one life, make the moments, create the memories. It’s no one else’s responsibility, just yours. Live it to the full, laugh, dance, and share being yourself. If they don’t get you, ditch them. Keep going and look for people that get you.

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