Our family lockdown

Where we live looks out to the city harbour of a small city and further out to the ocean.  Our bedroom is upstairs and the view is magnificent. The vast sea view is divided by a causeway which links two land masses. It sits quite a distance away but close enough to see the car lights at night. Usually it’s a relatively constant stream of traffic. Day 14 of lockdown in NZ, the causeway has an occasional car or a freight truck. Our world is on pause. Our government has squashed our curve of the virus and has saved hundreds of lives. It’s at the cost of our economy and it will take a long time for the market to stabilise and in the process large and small businesses will fail and many people will loose their jobs. As a nation we are proud, the world is aware of our Prime Ministers quick response to put human life ahead of the economy in the hope of removing the virus from our country.

Our home life is good. We have learnt new words, words that are previously seldom mentioned, these are now in our daily vocabulary. Keeping within our ‘Bubble’, Covid 19, ‘clusters’ of the virus, ‘boarders closed’, ‘lockdown’ and ‘quarantine’.

Sadly what is happening in Italy, Spain and the US is dreadful, we are fortunate to be here.

Being home is where I am content, having my children home is fulfilling. We have beautiful food, great company with my man and the children are happy. I am grateful.

I’ve read recently in a book that sits by my bed, to reduce stress is not to have a negative emotional response to the outcome of my expectations. Often the outcome, be it not necessarily what you hoped for but may result in being positive in the long run. So don’t worry about the result. It’s interesting to put it into practice.

I have new goals that I need to challenge myself to forge ahead to achieve them. I want to make sure when we finish this phase I have accomplished making steps to getting closer to the end results.

Stay safe in your bubble.





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