New chapter – out of the fog

Patience.. I have been told to be patient, that even though it seems a long journey you are actually achieving and making progress. Great check! Remind myself and carry on.

Trust your intuition! Listen to your instincts they are good. Great check – put a little more faith in my instincts and carry on.

You are on the right path… where I am and where I am heading is right. Brilliant, relief, don’t over analyse life and carry on.

Your business will be stronger than it ever has been. Thank goodness – that’s exciting. To be successful in my own right and build up capital doing what I love. Gotta love that one!

You and your family are safe. What a wonderful thing to hear. Thank you. Feeling grateful.

You’re going to be alright. You’re a good person, cared for by many. Enjoy your journey.

Sometimes you just need a little reassurance, then make it happen.


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