Be easy, take your time, you are coming home to yourself.

I played all roles of being a great woman very well, as a married woman, fulfilling all my roles – wife – lover – mother – …. friend and a family member – they got more pushed aside as my husband dominated his power and pushed me to where I served his needs best.

I was doing everything for everyone but quietly I realised I was slowly feeling less of the charismatic woman I admired myself to be.

Legally my last three years separating from a self entitled, short egotistical man that has no respect or kindness has been an endurance test and I’m still dealing with intensely. I think he’s obsessed and does not want to let go for then what will he have – not me.

I could explain my knowledge of protection orders, parenting orders, financial loss on a huge scale, positive parenting courses to protect the children, but na… unless you yourself are immersed or about to embark on such an horrific journey I will spare you the details. We all have our own stories, tough moments, tough years.. but I am here, happy, tired, frustrated, making sure this does not define who I am. So today I’ve emailed case notes to lawyers, the tax department, working for families. Now I’m going to the gym and working out to feel great, swim some lengths and breath. Cause life carries on and I have the optimistic outlook that my life is fabulous.

Be easy, take your time, you are coming home to yourself. 

quote: Nayyarah Waheed

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