Repeatedly reminded he’s a bad person

I’m a very optimistic person always seeing the best in people and having faith that people are respectful and kind – wrong – some people are just bad!

No matter how much they justify themselves it does not mean they are right. Actually they are dominating, narcissistic, controlling arrogant mean people.

It shocks me to ‘give the benefit of doubt’ thinking that logic will prevail. But instead to then see their true worth is disturbing. They are really out to destroy you at any cost even to damage you with no advantage to themselves.

I believe in being kind that good things will happen. I’m repeatedly reminded that their behaviour does not reflect my worth and I have to rise above their vulgar behaviour and have faith that life will bring goodness to me and their badness will bounce back onto them. ┬áContinual life lessons.

Don't let the evil of others define you

Don’t let the evil of others define you


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