the road you travel

We choose our pathway in life instinctively and know when we veer in the wrong direction and when we are on the right path that other positive things fall into place around you. Sometimes it can be a lonely road, a challenging one, enjoyable and sometimes scary. This requires you to be brave and confident of your decisions and to embrace what is before you.

When it feels so safe and comfortable life may throw a curve ball and you may not be able to steer it back. It’s only going to be moving forward and the joy of hindsight is to understand why this happened and more importantly what positive things came out of the change. “If you don’t change, everything will change around you anyway”. A challenge is good and once you stretch your comfort zone it will never go back to what it was and expand who you are.  Life will not give you more than what you can cope with. Trust your instincts, stay true to yourself, enjoy the journey.

life is the the journey getting where you would like to go

life is the the journey getting where you would like to go


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