having a baby – positive thoughts

I have experienced many wonderful things in life. Adventure, travel, love, business, challenges, overall a great life so far. I am fortunate to have experienced the greatest achievement of making, growing, delivering and bringing up my two babies. They are still learning and growing with me every day. But I love love loved being pregnant, yes delivering them into this world and all the richness of life being their mother from the first moment. When you are pregnant you don’t always hear the best stories. But I do get excited to share how glorious it is. I am so impressed with the human body and how brilliant it is. It’s a funny concept when you find out you are pregnant that you have another human being inside you. Another heart beat and soul. I love that your body grows this individual and then when you meet them for the first time you think “of course it’s you, I know you”.

When I was pregnant with my first I enjoyed fresh salads & had a great sex drive. A boy was born.

When I had my second I enjoyed sweets and sleep. A girl was born.

Perhaps more information than you want to know but when you are in labour you can feel the baby pushing to come, wait for this feeling and push when they do. I pushed twice and gave birth in six minutes from when I was fully dilated ( the last 5cm happened in 2 minutes.) A fast one!

Did you know the first cry they make  is the same pitch & tone as the mother?

Someone said to me that the first six weeks are a little up & down as they still have their wings and their feet haven’t quite got use to being on earth.

I have so much advise, guidance & tips but I don’t want to go on too much. I will say this, just feed them, don’t worry about a routine between you and baby. You will figure it out and then they will cluster feed order more milk than they need and then they will settle into a new pattern. Enjoy this stage it’s over so quickly. If you achieve nothing else during the day sometimes, don’t worry soon you will have all your responsibilities back. Embrace the fact you can’t delegate breast feeding you just have to sit and enjoy the time.

Pop them in the shower with your man, then he can have some great moments too.

Oh and start off how you intend to carry on. Make them a part of your life remember they are joining you.

Over the first year your body returns to normal.

Love life and this amazing part of it. It is a highlight in my lifeImage.


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