where should your loyalty lie

Our friendships are so important throughout our lives. They keep you sane, make you laugh, bring out the best in you and they live life’s journey with you giving you support on the way. Their perspective of your relationship is a cloudy aspect. They want the best for you. For you to be happy and see you treated as you deserve. But they are not the one in the partnership. They don’t see you lying in bed at night chatting and laughing together. They don’t see you holding hands while you watch a film or kiss his neck as he stands in the kitchen. They weren’t there when you first saw him crossing the road then making you laugh til your tummy hurt on your first date. Or those fun days building a home together, to standing by your side at your Nana’s funeral, swimming in many oceans around the world, and then to tell him you were pregnant while standing in your vegetable garden.

Your relationship and how it is, is between the two of you. As a woman I have the need to comment to my friends when he says something that annoys me. It’s not that I want it to be fixed I just need to get it out. I don’t want it to go anywhere and in particular for it to be misinterpreted. It’s a tough one to manage for my loyalty is to my man but I play with it in my mind too much if I keep it in.

When these comments are heard the love story needs to carried within the conversation. Choose the right friend that gets you, that respects your life and understands the complexity of external pressures that we are all under. We all need these wonderful friendships but at night your partner is the one you are lying next to. If only they could always be supportive to bring out the best in you. Sometimes they say the darndest things.


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