being all to everyone

Women have five pillars of strength

Lover – wife – mother – friend – family
Accomplishing all these roles well with grace, kindness, passion & humor is challenging. Meeting expectations of yourself and others plays in one’s mind. A male friend frequently introduces me to his each of his new girlfriends saying, “learn from this woman she knows how to be a good woman, she should write a book to let women know how it’s done.” I’m far from perfect but love it that my male friends think of me in this way. They jokingly say things like this. I’m not sure it’s a great introduction to new friendships for these various women I meet. I have an open home to friends, always happy to prepare a feast, carry in the firewood, light the fire and play music. It’s one of the most warming times to have friends frequently enjoy my home life. Even said in jest it feels a kind acknowledgement to have appreciation from someone.

So a tip for each of these roles women try to fill to keep in mind this week.
Lover – make the time
Wife – perhaps I’m not always right?
Friend – ask about them
Mother – keep giving kisses & hugs
Family – laugh with them


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