expectations in life

I grew up claiming that I did not have expectations of my first father. Meaning that if I did not expect anything then I would not be disappointed. Then anything given be it a phone call, a visit, time, kindness, money (he never has, even though he’s loaded), affection etc would be graciously received with a warm heart. He’s a lovely man ,he has always played a positive role in my life and we are good friends. But because I protect myself still for not expecting, therefore does it make me guarded and not open enough to embrace his friendship?

I have recently been playing with the thoughts of expectations I have of myself, what I expect where my life should be heading, how I expect to be treated, how I consider my relationships with others should be.

Expectations are a big deal. They make such a difference of where you choose to lead your life. Who your friends are. The idea is your friends reflect the same values you see in yourself.  People that like you for who you are. As for your expectations you have of your life with your husband/ partner. I was discussing with a young single man yesterday the concept that women want the man to take overall responsibility for everything; income, house, car, holidays. Is this an expectation that men feel the weight of when choosing a partnership? That’s  pretty overwhelming and arrogant of women to put this expectation onto someone else. Self responsibility is vital or it will lead to resentment and you created what was not fair. I think as a woman it is more fulfilling and satisfying in life to make your dreams into reality by achieving this yourself. If your partner contributes and as a team you achieve this together that’s brilliant. But it is too easy to shift that responsibility. Obviously when babies come into play, roles and financial contribution change. Overall as much as it would be easier to pass the buck I need to continue to strive to be all roles a woman has.

Two things come to mind… do expectations lead you to achieve your place in life? Does what you manifest in your mind influence the actual outcome of your future?

Is it good to have expectations and have positive thoughts of the future, remain true to yourself then wow! life is going to continue to be good.

You are responsible for your life. If it is not how you want it to be then make positive changes to lead it in the direction you want.

Aim high.

breath in and enjoy

breath in and enjoy


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