today I am not brave

It is important to put values on ones self. You are the one that does this. No one else. You can be loved, cared for appreciated and wanted because of who you are. Who you are, is what you make yourself be. To be kind, considerate, adventurous, brave, optimistic, loyal, creative, patient, polite, funny, hardworking, honest, warmhearted. These are all values you place on yourself and cherish, your self esteem.  These are not what gives you confidence that is your abilities. This is your inner you. Such important aspects to remind yourself.

From a film, “I am kind, I am important, I am smart” it is important to remind yourself of such things you choose to be when you need a core to pull from, to give you strength to keep walking forward. Hold those true to you and don’t waver. Make sure you have friends that have those similar values.

“Your best friend is someone that brings out the best in you”. I don’t think I have a best, although many amazing friends. I am honest perhaps too honest for I say what I feel about my life. But who really wants to listen?

So today I am not brave.

Not to fear, today will pass and only today I will feel this and tomorrow I will smile and be brave.


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