dress & undress in the right order

Their are rules in being a great woman, things that you need to consciously do & know in life. In this case being seen sexy. Whether it is your boyfriend, husband or that someone in bed watching you. Remember this, select the right order that is flattering to unveil your attire. Disrobe in an order that is right for the viewer. Don’t whip your dress off and stand there in pantyhose up to your waist with bad underwear under that! Goodness is that the impression you want to leave in any ones mind? Think about what is going to make you look great. Chances are you are about to jump in bed with someone that you would like to think you are great, sexy, and yummy. So take off the stockings first, then wiggle out of the dress and do only wear beautiful underwear. We are not necessarily talking first date we are talking long term.

When getting dressed put on the pants or the top first depending on what will look right if your man walks past. Not that he always looks, but better than being seen sitting on the toilet. Really?? maybe a quick pee but make privacy for both of you in this regard.

Previously I have gifted him a beautiful cotton lace slip for me, that when I gave it to him I said “whenever I wear it it’s a sure thing you’ll get laid.” He buys me stunning lingerie that is not tacky but elegant and I enjoy wearing it and feel good in it. So think about how you’re looking at these times for it makes yourself feel better and sexy, you never know it might lead somewhere pleasurable.  More tips to come but their are simple aspects in life that make you a great woman like make sticky date pudding with butter scotch sauce every man loves it!


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