Mother’s Love

Being a mother is the greatest accomplishment in my life. I have two delightful teenagers that full my heart. They are enjoyable individuals who will grow to accomplish whatever they choose in life.

I have always been conscious that my role is to prepare them to be successful and confident in the world. I have never thought of myself as over protective until now. The thought of what lies ahead for them scares me. I trust they will make good decisions. They both communicate openly with me, so I know they’ll ask should they need advice. But oh if only I could ensure that they will always be okay.

Life is life and things happen. How my parents successfully brought up their seven children amazes me. How did they stay so calm! I won’t project my fears onto them but I’ll need to chill out within myself. I can see it could be detrimental if one allowed it.

Embrace each day, take little steps, keep loving them with laughter and hugs. Be happy for them, give them confidence and teach them grace. Have faith that good prevails and see all the good that surrounds us. It’s an aspect of true love.

‘Mother’s Love’  is unconditional love. 



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