Setting new goals

After intensive legal games and putting my life on a new path. Where to from here?

I have relocated my children and I to a new city, started a new company, left behind all my friends I knew and filed the legal battle, costs and experience into the past. I think finally, I now have the question before me ‘Where to from here?’. What are my new goals?

I don’t think many of us make the opportunity to start over. Given that starting over is truly from the point of no finances from my previous life, no assets, purely a clean slate. I have my children and my experiences to walk forward with. So whats next? I have a new partner by my side, a strong father figure whom my children love. I have the same me, the one who knows a little more of what she does and does not like. I have created a safety zone on a day to day basis. I’ve caught my breath, slept a little and I’ve been nice to myself without over analysing if I could have managed my previous chapter differently.

So here I am.


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