What women want

What do women want? Being one woman in this world, I aspire to be good, funny and being a romantic who loves the roles of being a woman, what can I tell you? I was at a wedding speaking to a young man who had no idea what women want. I had to think for a minute and explain what could they want.

Oh! To be thought of as beautiful, to be adored. She’d like to be liked for who she is and feel unconditionally loved. That when you are not with them you think of them fondly. To be treated with respect and kindness. In regards to your physical touch that you’re gentle, confident and as you touch you also kiss. Oh, I told him to kiss her neck lots. Passionately and gently push her lips with your kiss, and then again. If you are unsure where to go, ask, “What would you like?” Hopefully she will lead you. Where is a guy meant to learn what a woman wants?

p.s. We don’t expect you to fix everything, just sometimes we want to tell you about it, but it’s not with the expectation that it needs your opinion, or to amend anything, sometimes we just want to tell you about it.

Picture 14


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